A disillusioned songwriter and a restless receptionist confront their regrets over an Autumn weekend in Macon, Georgia.


Two childhood friends reunite in their sleepy hometown as they each face a crossroads in their lives. Scott is drifting through town (and life) after a long departure, much like a ghost to haunt his estranged family and friends. Laura, still stuck in their hometown, is living in a stagnant reality of mediocrity out of fear of following her dreams. Both feel superior to those around them, and yet experience an overwhelming unhappiness with their choices. As the days unfold, Scott and Laura begin to turn a new leaf, forgiving themselves for their past, making amends, and looking to their futures with renewed optimism.




Written & Directed by Tim Hall

Produced by Tim Hall, Leslie Hall, Star Lee, Kevin Tadge

Director of Photography Saul McSween

Edited by Kevin Tadge

Songs by David Pope

Original Music by Jonathan Seale



Dustin Gooch - Scott

Ashlee Heath - Laura

Andrew Sweeney - Chip

Olivia Dean - Maggie

Eduardo Jose Paco Mateo - Marco

Jeremy Carr - Derek

Cathy Johns - Brenda

Rich Robertson - Dr. Andrews

Matt Batson - Pete

Adam Klein - Musician

Film Festival screenings

Upcoming Screenings

Adrian International Film Festival - May 19 - Adrian, Michigan


Georgia Film Award - 2017 Atlanta Film Festival

Best Sound - 2017 Smoky Mountain Film Festival

Best Drama (Narrative Feature) - 2018 Longleaf Film Festival



Atlanta Film Festival 2017

Smoky Mountain Film Festival 2017

Macon Film Festival 2017

Full Bloom Film Festival 2017

Carmel International Film Festival 2017

Orlando Film Festival 2017

Longleaf Film Festival 2018